The Music Teachers Association of Southern Maryland

Welcome to the web-page of the Music Teachers Association of Southern Maryland.  MTASM is a local association, affiliated with the Maryland State Music Teachers Association and the National Music Teachers Association.

The Beginnings of MTASM:

In 1984, several local music teachers saw the need for a local music teachers association. They saw a local association as a place where they could share ideas, refer students and organize recitals with other professionals.  These Southern Maryland pioneer teachers went about researching and developing a local association under MSMTA and MTNA.

On October 14, 1984, The Music Teachers Association of Southern Maryland was formed when its charter was accepted at the annual Maryland State Music Teachers Association convention. The founding officers included Carol Heinick, President, Marian Martinez, Vice President, and Mary Stevens, Secretary/Treasurer.

The Goal of MTASM:

The intent of the founding members was to develop a local association that would further good musical instruction for students and opportunities for professional growth for both members and students.

Since its inception in 1984, members of MTASM have succeeded in developing that goal and the association now includes 17 teachers of piano, organ, voice, flute, guitar, harp, music education and music therapy.  Members of our association maintain private studios and teach at local schools.  We are now proud to introduce our mentoring program for new and provisional teachers.

What MTASM offers students:

Many opportunities for performance and/or competition are offered throughout the year.  Such activities include not only general & holiday recitals, but also Spring Festival, where students can be adjudicated by qualified judges and Junior and Senior Honors Competitions, which includes participation in the Maryland State Music Teachers Scholarship for Performance.  MTASM is excited to offer blooming musicians the opportunity to meet other students involved in music, experience a variety of instrumental and vocal examples and to perform - with all of the fears and experiences that come with it.  Our association also offers performance classes, where students from different studios meet and evaluate each other.

Further information about MTASM can be obtained through current president, Donna White.


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